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There are many ways to get involved and support our work. For most people and organisations, the starting point is to join us.  That way, you will receive our monthly newsletter and find out about the other activities and opportunities.

There are three main levels of engagement with BCoS.

  • You can be a Contact: simply sign up to receive our newsletter to receive monthly updates on news and events happening in our City of Sanctuary.
  • You can be a Supporter: publicly supporting the work of BCoS by welcoming and including people seeking sanctuary. Supporters receive our newsletter – you cannot support the work if you do not know what we do.
  • You can be a Member: Members are Supporters who participate in shaping the direction of the charity. Members have certain rights and responsibilities and pay an annual membership fee. There are a few conditions limiting who can become a member.

We encourage our Contacts and Supporters to support us financially – if possible, through a monthly standing order.

If you want to encourage other people to join, our general purpose Sign Up Form enables anyone (individuals or organisations) to sign up as a Contact, Supporter or Member, whichever they prefer.

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