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This is your City of Sanctuary

Who are we?

We are a dedicated charity with a huge vision that every person seeking sanctuary feels welcomed and safe and that their contribution to the community is valued.

What do we do?

  • We raise awareness of what it means to seek sanctuary in Bristol, challenging misconceptions and celebrating the immense contributions that people seeking sanctuary make to our city.
  • We advocate for a fair and humane asylum system, a system which protects rather than punishes
  • We work to embed welcome in Bristol’s businesses and institutions, running initiatives like our Schools of Sanctuary award.
  • Bristol has been a City of Sanctuary for over a decade. It would not have been possible without people like you. Our movement of welcome is made up of people who go above and beyond to change things for the better.

Please sign our petition for free transport

Click to sign our Petition for welcome bus tickets for people seeking sanctuary in Bristol 

In collaboration with Bristol Refugee and Asylum Seeker Partnership we are campaigning for a sustainable alternative to the transport fund. We expect to meet with the Metro Mayor in April and your signatures will show that people of Bristol support this initiative.Please share with your friendsIn the meantime, the transport fund is running on empty. If you can,  please donate to the transport fund .