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We recognise the incredible contribution that sanctuary seekers make to Bristol. We celebrate and welcome the diversity that makes up our city, believing that it is something to be proud of.

City of Sanctuary Launch

Bristol City of Sanctuary Launch

What is City of Sanctuary?

Bristol City of Sanctuary shares the national City of Sanctuary vision that (UK and Ireland) will be a welcoming place of safety for all and proud to offer sanctuary to people fleeing violence and persecution.

Bristol City of Sanctuary is made up of representatives of various organisations from across the city, bringing people together to create a culture of welcome and safety for all.

Our Mission

We support local organisations and individuals in Bristol and its surrounding areas to uphold Bristol’s long standing tradition of welcoming and providing safety for all, including people seeking sanctuary fleeing from war, violence and persecution.

Our Constitution

Bristol City of Sanctuary is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation with a registered Charity no: 1177122

BCoS CIO constitution can be read here – BCoS Constitution

What we do?

Bristol was officially recognised as a city of sanctuary in 2010, and since then, with our supporters we have (and continue to) work hard to ensure that Bristol is a City of Sanctuary for all; that it is an inclusive and welcoming city.

We build upon the amazing work that is already being done across the city, supporting local organisations to deliver services for refugees and asylum seekers.

We work with local schools and colleges to help them become places of welcome for those seeking sanctuary.

We organise events and conferences, celebrating sanctuary within the city whilst also looking at ways to tackle the injustice that can be faced by refugees and asylum seekers.

We raise funds for our Bristol City of Sanctuary Transport Fund, which provides bus tickets for destitute asylum seekers and vulnerable refugees.

We work with local businesses, helping them to explore ways that they can harness the gifts and talents of sanctuary seekers.

What can you do?

We invite you, whether you are a business, a local organisation or an individual to pledge your support and get involved in any way that would suit you. You can also sign up to our newsletter below, and receive monthly updates on news and events happening in our City of Sanctuary.

You can sign our Dignity not Destitution statement, pledging to end homelessness, poverty and asylum destitution in the city.

You can volunteer your time, either with us or with other local organisations within the city.

You can donate to our Bristol City of Sanctuary Transport Fund. 

For more ways to contribute to the movement, visit our Ideas for Change page.

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