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What can you do?

We invite you, whether you are an individual or represent an organisation of some kind, such as a local voluntary group, a charity or a business, to get involved in whatever way you can.

There are three main levels of engagement with BCoS.

  • You can be a Contact: simply sign up to receive our newsletter to receive monthly updates on news and events happening in our City of Sanctuary.
  • You can be a Supporter: publicly supporting the work of BcoS by welcoming and including people seeking sanctuary. Supporters receive our newsletter – you cannot support the work if you do not know what we do.
  • You can be a Member: Members are Supporters who participate in shaping the direction of the charity. Members have certain rights and responsibilities, they must be committed to our aims and have a local connection.

There are many practical ways you can help.

  • You can encourage others to join us. Download and print copies of the Sign Up Form, and encourage groups you belong to and people you know to sign up.
  • You can sign our Dignity not Destitution statement, pledging to end homelessness, poverty and asylum destitution in the city.
  • You can volunteer your time, either with us or with other local organisations within the city.
  • You can donate to us or our Bristol City of Sanctuary Transport Fund. 

For more ways to contribute to the movement, visit our Ideas for Change page.

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