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Both individuals and organisations can become a Supporter of Bristol City of Sanctuary.  We suggest that, if you are joining as an organisation, your governing body should be aware of and approve the application.

To become a Supporter, please complete the online form below or download the Support PDF Form, print and sign it, then return it to the BCoS office.

As a Supporter you publicly say you support our work and say you will do what you can to make Bristol a place where refugees and asylum seekers are welcomed.  In addition, there are three specific actions which we ask Organisational Supporters to take.

  • Firstly, review your organisational policies and practices to ensure that refugees and asylum seekers are welcomed, and are included in your activities wherever possible.
  • Secondly, educate your staff and volunteers about the needs of refugees and asylum seekers and the issues surrounding their support and how they are treated, and encourage them to join Bristol City of Sanctuary as individuals.
  • Thirdly, agree, by whatever mechanism is appropriate to your organisation, the following statement.
    “We recognise the contribution of asylum seekers and refugees to the city of Bristol; we are committed to welcoming and including them in our activities and support the work of Bristol City of Sanctuary.”

Other ideas about ways to support our work can be found on the ‘Ways to Support Us’ notes, available from the web site.


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