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Bristol Globe 2012 edition out

The Bristol City of Sanctuary Group is delighted to announce that it has just published the second edition of our Bristol Globe magazine.

Launched in 2011 to celebrate Bristol’s status as a City of Sanctuary and it’s rich diversity, Bristol Globe illustrates the history and people of the city, introducing recent arrivals to local cultures and helping Bristolians to appreciate the lives and customs of their new neighbours.

The 2012 new edition was launched at our Tea with the Lord Mayor at Mansion House on Wednesday 20th June 2012, an event organised to observe the UN’s International Refugee Day and to demonstrate the English custom of welcome and hospitality through a cup of tea and cake.

Key theme of this new edition is diversity – one of the things which helped to make Bristol ‘the best place to live in the UK.’

The new edition features stories which include stories on disabled asylum seekers, great women of Bristol, recipes from round the globe, interview with Bristol’s first openly gay Lord Mayor, the forthcoming Olympics as Bristol is host to the Kenyan Olympic team, progress on our Bristol city of sanctuary group, stories of exiles, from St Pauls to the Gambia among others. This edition also pays tribute to Bristol’s twinning associations which have brought mutual benefits to all involved, some since the World War II.

The magazine is widely distributed across Bristol in public buildings like libraries and the Tourist Information Centre, community centres and medical surgeries, as well as many shops, cafes and bars and on the city’s buses. It is also available on-line.

The Bristol Globe plays a key role in helping to promote the very positive benefits of diversity in our city and in raising awareness of the work our many supporters do to build a city of sanctuary for all those who need it.

You can find copies of the June 2012 magazine, and the inaugural June 2011 edition, on the website. We hope you enjoy it and if you have any queries or comments please do not hesitate to contact us. Any support you can give us to help produce the next edition in 2013 please do let us know.

Matt Gillett
Outreach & Project Officer
Bristol City of Sanctuary
[email protected]

Bristol Globe 2012 edition

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