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Health Care for all?

BRISTOLIANS who have survived human rights abuses and war and sought sanctuary in the UK will speak out about their experience of not being able to access health care at an event commemorating International Human Rights Day (10 December).

“Denying us access to healthcare is devouring our lives”(BRR member).
The government’s new immigration bill aims to end free primary and secondary health provision to certain classes of migrants, including refused asylum seekers.

Dr Mark Porter, the Chair of the British Medical Association Council called these proposals “impractical, uneconomic and inefficient.”

Bristol Refugee Rights supported by Bristol Defend Asylum Seekers Campaign, Bristol Hospitality Network, Migrant Rights Centre Bristol, Refugee Women of Bristol and Student Action for Refugees are organising the event, which will hear testimonies from destitute asylum seekers about their experience, and medical practitioners about this problem. The public meeting will harness local concern on this issue; to contribute to the new campaign opposing the immigration bill.

BRR Manager Caroline Beatty says: “People seeking protection from persecution suffer serious physical health problems and mental health issues including post-traumatic stress. It is already difficult for them to access the health care they need. Many are asked to pay huge health bills or are denied secondary health care altogether. Denial of health care will have serious public health implications as well as a terrible impact on highly vulnerable individuals.”

Speakers will include:
Phil Murwill, UK Programme Officer, Doctors of the World
Destitute BRR members who have been denied health care
Adam Hundt- Pierce Glynn Solicitors

The event will kick start with a Fundraising feast (£5/10) for the work of BRR and music by Lorraine Ayensu Refugee Arts (LARA) musicians and the BRR band.

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