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Below is a copy of an open letter supporting our Mayor and Bristol City Council in their humanitarian commitment to take in Dubs Children. You can add your name to the letter by emailing us on [email protected]


We have been deeply shocked that the Government has reneged on its commitment to the Dubs Agreement in which it promised to take a quota of the 88,000 refugee children who are alone, unsupervised and have no means of survival in Europe.   Although the Government did not specify a number, Lord Dubs and others estimated that the UK could take in 3,500 children.  The Government has now said only 350 of these children will be given shelter in the UK.  An amendment to the Government position, which would have in effect allowed the Dubs agreement to stand as envisaged, was lost by twenty votes in a Commons vote on 7th March.

It defies belief that a government can stand up and happily commit billions of pounds to weapons of destruction and yet not even agree to take in and shelter the most vulnerable human beings on our planet who have fled from war, terror and persecution and continue to live in despair of anyone caring about them.

Consequently, we welcome the humanitarian response of our Mayor Marvin Rees and Bristol City Council who have continued to say that they are willing to take their quota of children and are pressing for the Government to act. As a City of Sanctuary, we are proud to stand up alongside our councillors and mayor and urge the Government to change its mind and to provide welcome, safety and funding for the children.

Signed by:

Rev Richard McKay, Chair of Bristol City of Sanctuary and Chair of Borderlands Charity

Forward Maisokwadzo, Media & Communications Officer, City of Sanctuary & South West Coordinator, Bristol City of Sanctuary

Jo Benefield Bristol Defend the Asylum Seekers Campaign

Redland Quaker Meeting

Nigel Costley, Secretary, South West trades Union Congress

Beth Wilson, Director, Bristol Refugee Rights

Professor Tariq Modood, university of Bristol

Rachael Bee, Manager, Bristol Hospitality Network

Rob Wotherspoon, Branch secretary, Communications Workers’ Union Bristol & District

Mohammed Arif, Chair of Council of Bristol Mosques

Mike Jempson, Director, The MediaWise Trust

Andrew McCarthy, Volunteer Coordinator, Bristol Refugee Rights

Eustace Tameh and Margaret Ulloa on behalf of St Nicholas of Tolentino RC Church

Holly Rooke, Co-President, Student Action for Refugees at University of Bristol

Izzy Finlay, Co-President, Student Action for Refugees at University of Bristol

Alex Raikes, Director, Stand Against Racist Incidents

Nejat Hussein, Refugee Women of Bristol

Rissa Mohabir, Producer & Writer

Alison Allan, Chair, Greater Bristol Alliance

Lauren Wroe, Social Workers Without Borders

Andrew May, Volunteer, Borderlands Charity

Kitty Odell, Volunteer, Bristol Refugee Rights

Anna Wardell, Volunteer Administrator, Bristol City of Sanctuary

Patricia Thorpe

Mary Todd, Voice Project, Bristol Refugee Rights

Richard Annandale, Calais Refugee Solidarity Bristol

Steve Hull

Cllr Harriet Bradley, Brislington West

Sophy Gairdner

Imogen Mcintosh, Founder & Coordinator, Aid Box Convoy

Deasy Bamford, Creative Development, Tribe of Doris

Marian Connolly, Volunteer, Speedwell Refugee garden

Martin McCrea, formerly a child Clinical Psychologist

Netty Miles from Help Refugees

Joanne Baker, Child Victims of War

Ruth Soandro-Jones, Fundraising & Communications Manager, Bristol Refugee Rights

Annie Thomas

Martin McCrea, formerly a child Clinical Psychologist

Gaby Solly, Director, Street Alive

Eustace Tameh and Margaret Ulloa on behalf of St Nicholas of Tolentino RC Church

Judith Irene Brown

Jane Collins, Musician

DMAC UK (Dance Music Arts Collective)

Ric Brice

Claire Hancock, Owner of Claire Hancock rehabilitation, Occupational Therapist and Trustee of Cerebral Palsy Plus

Jude Meek, Social Worker

Ngaio Anyia, Boomtown Festival

David Abbot

Katie Wake, Co-Founder Supernatural Food

Judith Irene Brown

F.E Wells

Emma Veitch

Celina Norris

David Abbott

Helen Crocker

Lizzie White, Bristol West CLP / Momentum

Jacky Sloane

Marylin Johnstone

Natalie Smith

Elizabeth Igoe

Sophy Gardner, Signing In Supporting Group & BDASC

Ric Brice

Judy Bec

Anna de Serville

Liz Rogers

Richard Lawrence

Marina van Vessem

Sophia Dutton

Ann Brook

Pauline Marshall

Karen Bruni

Barbara Needham

Liz Crow

Tam Johnson

Sue Smailes

Alison Campbell

Sarah Heath

Christine Campbell

Zuzana Pohloudkova

 Becky Thompson

 Aislinn Corcoran-Anthony 

Fran Wardell

Jo Bloxham, Thinking People

Ann Kennard, Chair of Bristol-Hannover Council

Tom Daly, VOICE Community Engagement Manager, Bristol Refugee Rights

Ursula Monn

Lucy Hamid

Linda Ewles

Susan Plaister

Marian Liebmann

Sally Osborne, Mental Health Nurse

Flo Lipin

Joy Lambshead

Lynn Linsdale, Psychotherapist TFSW

Rob Wood

Barbara Needham, BDASC

Isabella Harding

Helen Struthers

Eleni Christopoulou

Reuben Irving

Rea Christopoulou-Irving 

Sue Ingham, Secretary, Diocese of Clifton Justice and Peace Commission

Emily Abbott

Beryl De Stone, Advocacy and Asylum Support volunteer at Bristol Refugee Rights

Teresa Thornhill

Lucy Gilbert

Anna-Clare Hillier

Lucy Anning

Chris Cooper

Damaris Le Grand, Volunteer, Bristol Refugee Rights

Katherine Oliver

Martin Wallis

Linda Gates

Andrew Coates

Sadie Pearce

David Jessep

Jill White

Carole Gyorffy

Bill Roberts

Ian Scott

Katia Hornchen

Rene Hornchen

Adam Nieman

Sami Chugg

Gary Davies

Sally Stone

Mal Sainsbury

Mike Gates

Mike Campbell

Stuart Greaves

Nigel Troop

Amirah Cole

Fauduma Mohammed

Halimo Mohamud Roble

Sainuga Hasan

Faisa Mohamud

Alice Cunningham

Nick Smith

Carol Billinghurst

Una Macnamor

Matt Pike

Issy Young

Morgan Hendy

Jenny Sarah Borderlands mentor

Hannah Martin, Bristol Amnesty International

Rob Porteous

Sue Black

Andy Black

Anna Rossett

Tish Calvert

Susana Askew

Paula Davis

Georgina Herford

Jennifer Morris

Jan Pike

Karen Goddard

Edwin Lawton

Steve Owen

Fenella Butler

Jenny Taylor

Peter Bedgie

Daniella Esbernsen

Chris Askew

Rosemary Collins

Melanie Macleintosh

Philippa Gordon

Anne J. Moyo

Goran Muhammad

Becky Thoburn

Peter Sottrel

Xawn Sottrel

Led Vitjoen

Eva Pekanrova

Daniel Tagg

Rosie Cole

Sarah Hande

Suesie Kogu

Carole Nomessin

Sarah Douglas

Philippa Walker

Angela Auset

Gordon Holmes

Ralph Openshaw

Mark  Cheesman

J.D Reeves

C.J Watkins

T.H Jatifar

J. Egan

Marian Liebmann

Fran Wardell

Sue  Marks

Hannah Machintosh

Jesse Tate

Azarea Roshkani

J.J Roshkani

Kalila Lewis

Anna Sherman

Dominique Toyre

Tom Watson

Caminita Nicols

A. Chambers

Bryony Holst

Brian Holst

Alex Melbourne

Adrienne Hayt

Sian Chung

Madge Dresser

Grant Ryland

Jon Rush

Hilary Moore

Amy Powell

Jake Plant

Suzan Haucetts

Linda Owen

Gerwyn Owen

Peace Handorsm

P. Mardy

Yvonne Wilkin

Dave C.

Helen March

Sandy Marwick

Hero Denman

Lynsey Ruth Mansfield

Taskem Kowser

Piers Sadler

Catherine Sadler

Vera Fernandes


If you would like to add your name to this letter then please email us on [email protected]

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