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On the 26thof January, the Opus Group will gather at Colstonsโ€™ Statue to embark on a six-mile walk to Patch-way Police Centre, in solidarity with many asylum seekers who are forced to make this journey regularly.

Destitute asylum seekers have lost all their housing and financial support.

In the UK, currently, destitute asylum seekers are not permitted to work, and they cannot return to the country they fled because the Home Office regards some of these countries eg. Somalia to be unsafe.

Destitute asylum seekers have lost all their housing and financial support and are forced to make extensive journeys to sign in weekly or bi-weekly at immigration reporting centres.

There are approximately 100 people in this situation in Bristol, who make their way to Patch-Way Police Centre (which is where Bristol immigration reporting centre is placed).

The six-mile walk intends to not only promote awareness of this journey that many destitute asylum seekers make but aims to raise much-needed funds for the Bristol City of Sanctuary Transport Fund; a community initiative which provides bus tickets for sanctuary seekers facing destitution and vulnerable refugees.

The Transport Fund will help cover travel costs for asylum seekers and vulnerable refugees who need to attend crucial appointments with doctors and solicitors or go to drop- in centres for meals or reach places where they volunteer. They also need social and moral support to survive the trauma of destitution, loss of home and identity and the pain of being disbelieved.

Supporting the Fund

All of us have an opportunity to change the day-to-day lives of those seeking sanctuary in Bristol in a practical way.

If you would like to part-take in this walk, please contact Debbie Forge atย [email protected]

Or you can donate through the JustGiving page here

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