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Our World Too

Our World Too is an online platform, founded with the intention of creating a space for the voices of people who have been displaced. It is a space where the stories are told by the people they belong to. Too often people seeking sanctuary are discussed without being given an opportunity to be part of the discussion, whilst also being reduced down to a single label of “refugee” or “asylum seeker.” This platform aims to change that.

The platform was created by Hira and Maryam, two women united by their passion to, in their words, “negate the negative stereotypes surrounding refugees. As arguably the most discussed group of people in the world, refugees are often spoken about but rarely spoken to. We aim to take back the narrative and place it back where it belongs, with the people themselves.”

The stories are heart-breaking, they are inspiring and they are human. From Qazi Marzia Babakarkhail’s story of studying to become a judge and setting up a school herself, before having to flee for the second time, to the man who fled Iraq with a degree in Biology and a desire to contribute to research into genetic diseases, these tales immerse the reader in peoples’ histories and hopes. They tell not just the tale of their displacement but also of their life before and after, affirming what is often forgotten within the narrative; that people seeking sanctuary are so much more than just the label given to them. They are family members, they are friends, they are people with dreams and fears. As one of the writers so beautifully articulates, “humanity should come before everything else.”

To find out more about Our World Too and read some of the stories, please clickย here

Please note: Some of the stories on the site contain content that readers may find triggering.

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