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BRASP Asks for the Mayoral Elections

Bristol Refugee and Asylum Seekers Partnership (BRASP) is a collaboration between 16 organisations who all work with people seeking sanctuary in the city. Together we have created a list of asks for the upcoming Mayoral elections, calling on candidates to support a core list of priorities.

To view the asks to the Bristol Mayoral candidates, click here:ย Ask to Bristol Mayor

To view the asks to the WECA Mayoral candidates, click here: ย Ask to WECA mayor

On the 29th of April, BRASP will be hosting a webinar to put forward these asks, whilst also exploring the work they have been doing in response to the pandemic. More details can be found here:

We hope that the Mayoral candidates will commit to these asks and in doing so help us to build a community of welcome, safety and hope for all.



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