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A huge thank you to Bristol Refugee Festival for sharing the information below. We can’t wait for the festival this year, celebrating connection and looking at Healing Through Community.

The much-loved Bristol Refugee Festival is backĀ with live events running from 6-26thĀ June. TheĀ Festival, now in its 6th year, promotes better understanding of those seeking sanctuary and celebrates their contributions. This year, the theme of ā€˜Healing Through Communityā€™ looks to inspire connection, integration and community-cohesion. Events of all sizes will bring people together through food, music, sport, education and conversation.

Director Jules Olsen says:Ā ā€œHealingĀ meansĀ becoming sound or healthy again.Ā This process is much easier with support and care from others.Ā We have all experienced injury or loss at some point and know how important family, friends and neighbours are in helping to ease theĀ  pain.Ā RefugeesĀ andĀ asylumĀ seekers arriving in the UK have lost those strong networks and connections. They need help to build new ones so they can feel welcome, safe and valued, and begin to heal.

This yearā€™sĀ FestivalĀ will help to create strong, inclusive and welcoming communities acrossĀ Bristol.Ā BristolĀ RefugeeĀ FestivalĀ wants to ensure everyone feels welcome inĀ Bristol, no matter where they are from.ā€

The BRF team are thrilled to be back delivering live events on the ground and, if last yearā€™sĀ FestivalĀ is anything to go by, a dynamic programme will be on offer.

A key focus this year will be on community-led gatherings, under the ā€˜Celebrating Sanctuary Localā€™ banner. No event is considered too small:Ā ā€œAlthough restrictions were still in force last year we learnt that smaller intimate spaces are ideal for nurturing connections,ā€Ā says Jules.Ā ā€œConnecting with others on a personal level leads to more meaningful conversations and greater understanding.Ā  With this in mind we have decided to concentrate on celebrating with all our fantastic and diverse communities around the city, and to defer our big centralĀ celebrationĀ for a futureĀ festival.ā€

Thereā€™s still plenty of time to get involved: from organising your own event orĀ celebration, to inviting newĀ  neighbours in for coffee, or turning up to a programmedĀ  event. Toolkits are available on theĀ BristolĀ RefugeeĀ FestivalĀ website to help with ideas and planning, along with ways to donate for anyone inspired to support this vital work supporting vulnerable community members and strengthening our communities.

A full programme will be available soon. Sign up to theirĀ newsletter or followĀ BristolĀ RefugeeĀ FestivalĀ onĀ  social media for updates.


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