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Bristol City of Sanctuary Statement to Bristol Mayor and Council supporting the humanitarian commitment our mayor and council have taken to the Dubs Children

We have been deeply shocked that the Government has reneged on its commitment to the Dubs Agreement in which it promised to take in an expected 3,000 of the 88,000 refugee children who are alone and unsupervised in Europe and who have no means of survival. If the government does not reverse its decision, only 480 of these children will be given shelter in the UK.

It belies belief that a government can stand up and happily commit billions of pounds to weapons of destruction and yet not even agree to take in and shelter the most vulnerable human beings on our planet who have fled terror and continue to live in despair of anyone caring about them.

Consequently, we welcome the humanitarian response of our Mayor Marvin Rees and Bristol City Council who have continued to say that they are willing to take their quota of children and are pressing for the government to act. As a City of Sanctuary we are proud to stand up alongside our Councillors and mayor and urge the government to change its mind and to provide funding for the children.


Rev Richard McKay, Chair of Bristol City of Sanctuary & Chair of Borderlands Charity

Forward Maisokwadzo, Media & Communications Officer, City of Sanctuary and South West Coordinator, Bristol City of Sanctuary

Jo Benefield, Bristol City of Sanctuary & Bristol Defend Asylum Seekers Campaign


This statement will be presented to a Full Council Meeting at 6pm on the 18th of July 2017

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