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The Pachamama Project – a Community Initiative to Fight Period Poverty

The Pachamama Project was set up by a Bristol University Student who, recognising the difficulties that many people seeking sanctuary face in accessing sanitary projects for their menstruation, decided to do something to help. Working with a community of volunteers, they make reusable sanitary pads that are then distributed to people around the world. Having a period in a refugee camp, with limited access to toilets and hygiene supplies, is a monthly challenge for many; these Pacha Pads, as they are known, are an incredible way of alleviating some of that strain.

We asked Ella, the founder of The Pachamama Project, what inspired her to set this not-for-profit project up. “I think the rise of coronavirus definitely shone a light on the most vulnerable people in our society. Refugees already face so many unimaginable challenges, and the project is my way of putting a dent in a huge world-wide issue. As a woman who has struggled with painful periods from adolescence into adulthood, I feel very strongly about fighting period poverty.”

If you would like to roll up your creative sleeves and get involved with the project, then please email [email protected] or visit their Instagram page.

Following the fire in Moria on Lesvos, they have collaborated with the International Rescue Committee and The Azadi Project to provide disposable sanitary pads and nappies. If you can donate either nappies sized 3-5 or medium and large sanitary pads then please get in touch with them by emailing [email protected]

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