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Standing up for Sanctuary

We are deeply concerned about the impact that the Nationality and Borders Bill will have if passed, and the anti-migration narrative that is underpinning much of this legislation. Amongst many worrying plans, it proposes to treat people differently depending on the way they fled to the UK, allows for the possibility of people to have their claims processed in a third country and gives the Home Office power to strip someone of their citizenship without notice. The Bill is now being scrutinised in the House of Lords, and we still have time to make a difference!


  • Here are a list of things you can do to raise your voice about the Nationality and Borders Bill.


  • Sign our statement. Once you have signed our statement, please share it with your networks.

  • Write to your MP before the Bill returns to Parliament in the Spring. Explain to them why you are concerned about the Bill and emphasise the devastating impact it will have on people’s lives. If they have already signed the statement, then thank them for speaking out. We have created a template letter, which you can use and adapt.

  • Contact representatives of the House of Lords –ย the Bill is currently being scrutinised in the House of Lords. One of our volunteers has put together aย list of representatives who it may be useful to write to. We would advise tailoring your letters, as some of the representatives are contacted via the same email address.

  • Start conversations with people you know. The more people who are aware of the human impact of this Bill, the better.

  • Support Together With Refugees,ย a new coalition aimed at changing the narrative around forced migration and calling for a humane approach –


  • Sign Refugee Action’s petitionย


  • If you would like to read about the Nationality and Borders Bill:




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