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Please Contact your MP

On the 27th of February (9:30-11:00am) Sarah Teather MP will introduce a debate on โ€œAsylum support for children and young people.โ€ This follows the report of the cross party Parliamentary Inquiry into this issue in January 2013. The Inquiry made several positive recommendations, including that:
Section 4 should be abolished, that asylum support should be increased annually at least in line with Income Support, that the rates of support should never fall below 70% of Income Support and that permission to work should be granted if an asylum application has not been concluded within six months.

What we are asking you all to do is to contact your local MPs or any MPs who you have links with and to:

(a) Brief them on the issue and ask them to speak in the debate on 27 February and to support recommendations from the cross party Parliamentary Inquiry into asylum support for children and young people

(b) To sign Early Day Motion (EDM) No. 1019 on Asylum Support Rates, if they have not already done so. This EDM calls on the Government to implement the above recommendations from the Inquiry. The full text and signatures to date can be seen at:

This action is important because we need to show that there is substantial parliamentary support for these measures at a time when the Government is reviewing the current support arrangements. Thank you to our friends at Still Human, Still Here for passing this information on to us.

You can find out who your MP is by typing in your postcode at: You can also look up your MP on the same page to find out their e-mail address and their background information.

You can then send them the following draft e-mail (courtesy of Still Human, Still Here) with the subject title as: Westminster Hall debate on children , 27 February. Try and add a sentence which talks about the local situation or personalise it in some way.


The report of the Parliamentary Inquiry into Asylum Support for Children and Young People was published In January 2013 and will be discussed in a Westminster Hall debate at 9.30am on Wednesday 27 February. The full report can be found at… for your interest

We would appreciate it if you would consider supporting the Inquiryโ€™s work by speaking at the Westminster Hall debate and endorsing the recommendations of the Parliamentary Inquiry and by signing EDM No.1019 which calls on the Government to implement recommendations from the Inquiry. For the full text:

Many thanks in advance for your support


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