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#WeareBristol- a new campaign in the city to bring people together

A new campaign has been launched to celebrate the differences between people in Bristol. Bristol, a city of sanctuary, with a proud record of migration, wants to make this point loudly and proudly.

Mayor of Bristol Marvin Rees said: “Fractures across the political landscape have led to a growing feeling of division amongst the people that live and work in Bristol.

“We believe that no matter where we’re from, what we believe or how we choose to live our lives, we still have things in common. “This campaign will celebrate those things and bring people together around the pride we share for our city.”

The #WeAreBristol campaign started with the screening of a film at the Watershed on July 19. The campaign has been created by Bristol City Council and various partners, and it is asking people to “positively challenge people to look for similarities with their neighbours and wider areas”.

Sixty strangers have been randomly chosen for a social experiment led by Bristol University professor Bruce Hood, with the hope of showcasing and celebrating what people from all over the city have in common.


This is taking place amidst the backdrop of the national context, the hostile environment and current Brexit debate, which has seen many argue the nation is more divided than ever.

To watch the full video click here

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