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We are heartbroken at the images coming out of Afghanistan as people flee in terror. We are heartbroken for the people of Afghanistan as they face more fear and devastation after years of violence.

As a country we can and we should do more to help. Resettling 5,000 people this year is not nearly enough. We urge the government to commit to offering protection to more people immediately. We believe it is our moral duty to do all we can to provide refuge to the people currently fearing for their lives, and join the many calls for immediate safe routes out of Afghanistan for people in danger.

The situation in Afghanistan highlights how truly cruel proposals in the Nationality and Borders Bill are. The proposals would see the people forced to take irregular routes, outside of the few resettlement places, potentially criminalised and entitled to less protection in the UK. When we offer so few spaces, people really have little other choice.

We invite you to add your name to our statement and join the growing movement that calls for welcome, not hostility; for protection, not punishment.

We have been so encouraged by the movement of welcome within the community. People are desperate to help and seeing people coming together to express solidarity is truly heart-warming. If you would like to donate, then there are many charities who are raising money. One such one is Refugee Education UK, who are supporting people from Afghanistan who are already here.

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